One or more of these circumstances may qualify your child for tuition free preschool
  • Family Income

  • Disability or Developmental Delay

  • Challenging Behavior

  • English as a Second Language

  • Parent/Guardian low educational attainment

  • Abuse/Neglect of child or Parent

  • Environmental risk(s) including:

    Single parent home

    Sibling issues

    Teen parent

    Homeless or without stable housing

    Child exposure to toxic substances

Keys to Success
Students with their hands in a circle on a carpet

Having a successful entry into school helps children have a positive attitude about school and learning. As your child’s partner in education, it is important for you to get, and stay, involved. The relationships and communication between the school and your family is key to ensuring your child’s success.

Helping prepare young children for success!

High quality early childhood programs provide:

  • Experiences that prepare children for school success.

  • Opportunities to develop self-confidence and independence.

  • Social and communication skills.

  • Literacy activities and skills that prepare children to learn to read.

  • Math and science experiences to develop critical thinking.