About The Grant

GSRP classrooms are offered in high quality settings as defined by the Great Start to Quality. To learn more about why high quality matters and how the Great Start to Quality defines high quality programming, visit their website. http://www.greatstarttoquality.org/families

Funding for Great Start Readiness Program- including all activities, materials, staff, and family engagement is made possible through the grant received from the Michigan Department of Education.

One or more of these circumstances may qualify your child for tuition free preschool
  • Family Income

  • Disability or Developmental Delay

  • Challenging Behavior

  • English as a Second Language

  • Parent/Guardian low educational attainment

  • Abuse/Neglect of child or Parent

  • Environmental risk(s) including:

    Single parent home

    Sibling issues

    Teen parent

    Homeless or without stable housing

    Child exposure to toxic substances